I am the great-grandson of Arthur Dallas (A.D.) Stenger II, a Real Estate Developer/architect/builder from Austin Texas.  I am the Grandson of an Air Force Officer,

and Grandson of a Disabled Vietnam Army Veteran.  I am the son of Angela Kaaihue, my mother whom I love dearly.  On my dad's side, I belong to the Kaaihue Ohana, and we are a large family comprised of professional musicians, athletes, millionaires, and real-estate developers.

My aspirations and goals have been shaped by my upbringing and heritage. I have upon me high expectations and goals, and would like to inspire my classmates to  share my passion for education and to Aim and Achieve High!! I have the duty and responsibility to become a Medical Doctor so that I may genuinely help our Native Hawaiian Population.

"There is nothing to do after college, so stay in college", is what my mother would say.  Our college and post-graduate will be paid for as long as we get accepted into Medical School. A "free" education along with a monthly stipend, so why would any student turn this "free" opportunity down?  I hope to see several of my classmates attending medical school with me.

I have a vision, and would like to share My vision of a better Hawaii. A Hawaii that is for our people, for our Native Hawaiians, and in order to accomplish that, I'm a going to need teams of expertise, I need Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers, I will need teams of them. Not just 1 team, but several teams. The offense team of attorneys as well as a defense team of attorneys as in Football. I need teams of Doctors, not just one heart surgeon, but many, brain surgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists, orthodonist, general, periodontist, I need attorneys that are experts in Land, Family Law, Criminal law, and Civil Law. Yes, I will need teams, because never can just 1 lawyer or 1 doctor solve all my problem or address my issues. It takes teams. So let us all Aim High, and stay in School. Study hard, and study to become a Lawyer, Doctor, or an Engineer so we may compete with countries around the world and so we can be competitive right here in our own state!  This is what I will expect from my classmates, from my friends, from us future graduates, and from my future colleagues and alumni.

I share with you my vision, in hopes to inspire us all. So Please vote for me to be your class President 2022, so that I may continue to lead us all into the path and pursuit of a better Hawaii.

Phillip Kaaihue, 9th Gr. Candidate for Class President C/O 2022

50% Hawaiian Native, 14 years old, 5'10", 165 lbs., naturally-born athlete, He's Gifted and Talented. He's born  to be Hawaii's Future leader.

Phillip Kaaihue

"Fit to be Class President!"