I was born in Austin Texas, the "Lone Star" State. Being from Texas, is what gave me the courage to stand up, and FIGHT for AMERICA, and to put myself out in the eye of the Public. My grandfather, Arthur Dallas (A.D.) Stenger II, Architect, Designer, Builder, once said, "Speak up little girl, I can't hear you!" Texan's are very Liberal people, we like things bigger, we speak our minds, we are very American, we are the HEART of America, and we SURE AS HELL don't like people messing with our AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS either!!

     I grew up here, and lived in Hawaii mostly all of my entire life. The Big Island is my second home. I grew up on both islands. My father is a disabled Army Veteran and a Cancer Survivor. He acquired Cancer from a toxic Chemical, Agent Orange, used in Vietnam to rid of the thick brush so that the soldiers could walk through. My father reenlisted and was hten stationed at Schofield, Hawaii. We came to Hawaii when I was 3 months old.  Soon after, he was diagnosed with cancer and PTSD at the young age of 23, and disabled retired. 

             I just want ya'll to know, I ain't about MONEY because I've already been blessed with a heck of a lot of Assets! I've been blessed with 82 Acres of lands here on the island of Oahu and on the Big Island, right here next to a 18.7 billion dollar rail development. My campaign is about preserving LAND, POWER, AND WEALTH amongst the righteous ones here in Hawaii. So often we don't have a VOICE to speak out, and we later regret and say, If and only If, I did this or that, then I may NOT have lost my HOME, MY LANDS, MY FAMILY, MY SELF-WORTH, AND MY DIGNITY. All I'm asking from you, is for your VOTE, and that means more than anything that MONEY can buy!!

          My biggest regret is that I didn't take a run for politics 10 years ago! Don't ever underestimate yourself. You're NEVER NOT good enough! It doesn't matter how much education you have, your background, your family, your history, everyone is fair and equal, the younger the better, and we need to preserve what we have left, for our families, and for our future generations to come.  AND you don't need a MILLION bucks to run!

Thinking that he was going to die from Cancer, he then dedicated his life to GOD.  Today, my father continues to be a Devout Christian. My stepfather too, served in the Armed Force, and retired as an Airforce Officer.  I am blessed to have both my dad's and my mother still alive today.

      If you would like to make Donations, I am still very appreciative, it is one way to show that you are standing up for me, and what I stand for, for OUR values, FOR HAWAII, FOR AMERICA, for OUR AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Another Way, is to simply vote, vote for Christians, and spread the word. And that together "We will Make HAWAII Great Again!" I'm NOT about money, I'm about making things right again, NOT only for America, BUT for our Hawaii Too!!

Please send check or money order to:

Candidate for U.S. Congress

Campaign for Angela Ka'aihue

98-673 Kilinoe St. Aiea, HI. 96701