Prince Phillip Kaaihue's Biography

 Heir and "Prince" Phillip Kaaihue II (13 Years Old, b. 1/31/2004), in Kahuku Hawaii, 50% Native Hawaiian, Prince Phillip Kaaihue II, is heir to Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue's Estate, worth over 30 million dollars. Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue, a real estate developer, teacher, scientist, and engineer. Aulani Kaaihue only recently discovered her son, Phillip Kaaihue II, that he is of 50% Hawaiian, from his father's bloodline of 100%.  Not even his father or his family, 100% full-blooded Hawaiians acknowledges that they are full-blooded Hawaiians, until research conducted by Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue failed to prove their Chinese ancestry they thought they were. It was very unlikely back then in the early 1900's, that a Chinese immigrant made his/her way to the countryside of Hauula and  intermingled with full-blooded Hawaiians. It is also unlikely that accurate birth records were kept to disprove their 100% Hawaiian Ancestry.  There is no ancestral record or documentation to prove this record of chinese ancestry, thus, the only logical answer, is that "it never happened." If you look at Prince Phillip Kaaihue's Genealogy, mostly all his ancestors were of full-blooded Hawaiians including: Kaaihue, Kaanaana, Keaunui, Hookano, Keliikeikiole, Kanohola, Mehula, Napahuelua, Nahinalua, Kahulamu, Kahaualole, Kaaunui, Akina, and including Elizabeth Leimano Trask, Joseph Trask, and Albert Trask, which documents all show of 100% Hawaiian Ancestry.

GIFTED AND TALENTED- Phillip Kaaihue has learned to play the guitar and sing at the young age of 11 years old. He loves to sing, and play guitar, he also takes voice lessons, and is learning to sing opera. He also performs regularly on the Hawaiian Children Community Network based Olelo TV, and performs on the Prince of Hawaii show.  Phillip has been involved in minor league baseball, and he learned how to swim in the Olympic Size Swimming Pool in Central Oahu. Standing at 5'10, 165 pounds, and only 13 years old, Phillip is built to be an athlete, and in training to lead be Hawaii's future leader.

These days, full-blooded Hawaiians are a dying and diminishing ethnic race and culture. After generations of inter-marrying with different ethnicities, rarely, are there any full-blooded Hawaiians left, therefore, 50% Hawaiians. Phillip comes from a huge family of half-siblings and cousins, whom are happy to have learned that they are 50% Hawaiians blood-quantum too because of Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue's recent research and discovery, this thus qualifies them for the Hawaiian Homestead Act so they too, can add their names to the list of 50% Hawaiians waiting for their Homestead.

However, although Prince Phillip is not yet on the list for Hawaiian Homestead, being that you have to be the age of 18, Prince Phillip Kaaihue also is the heir to Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue's estate (Worth $30 Million) located in the District of Waimalu, Crown lands, once belonged to the Royal Kings who resided under the cool landscape, and alongside the Waimalu River, growing taro, and living in the sheltered caves. Prince Phillip II along with his biological sibblings sharing the same mother, will all inherit Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue's estate.

FIT TO BE KING- During the most turmultous time in modern history: election fraud is being discovered, Donald Trump elected as the U.S. President, Honolulu Police Chief Kealoha and his wife charged of Grand Theft, Conspiracy, and Fraud, Past Mayor Billy Kenoi charged with theft, thus, not a good future for citizens of Hawaiian Ancestry, Mostly non-Christians run our political system, and Meanwhile Hawaiians continue to get their lands stolen, remain homeless, and the prison and judicial court systems are bursting with Hawaiians.  There is still hope. Dispite generations of loss, controversy, and in-fighting, Prince Phillip Kaaihue II, hopes to change things for his people.  Guidance and mentored by his mother Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue, who ran in the 2016 election for Congress as a Republican, was the 1st and only person who ever ran in the "special election" as a Democratic, and as a Republican in the Primary and General Election. Gaining over 40,000 Votes, 1st time Candidate Aulani Stenger-Kaaihue, although she lost to an incumbant, she made an impact on the changing of Hawaii's Political Landscape, as U.S. President Trump, "real-estate guru", changes the entire political escape for America . "As land-owners, you automatically become politicians:, and the sooner you embrace this concept and understanding, the easier it is to understand who you are and the role you play in today's Hawaiian landscape.  To address the issues that Hawaiians are faced with, hope is instilled in our young Hawaiian children to care for the future of our Hawaii.   

So let us move forward from this day on, and unite and preserve what is what we have left of today.